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com/watch?v=G7e9rRhXJSg A week after the story went into print, I was on my way to take the University of Pittsburgh with me when I caught up with the University of Pittsburgh’s Dean of Women’s Studies, Ann K. It was the very first time I heard Ann K. talk about the university.

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I assumed I was being asked about her teaching, but when I met her, she was making a point. Her comments about students being “unfair” were outrageous and almost offensive in nature. Just listen to their conversations, and you will hear why she’s doing so well in both her teaching and tenure evaluations.

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She loves undergraduates, a good faculty, and great professors. She has put such a huge amount of effort into her teaching and tenure processes. She has always loved creating a “cool image” of students.

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She does love research on subjects in her classes — including students. She’s just like everyone else in the department. Ann is pretty open with everyone in her department on matters of research-related excellence.

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Every faculty member does her homework with her so I am totally supportive. Like most people, I will make calls or visit. I am ready to work from anywhere, and I love working down here with some awesome professors and students on subjects I love.

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I have had friends come on board as well as professors to talk about the university and how much it is important to them. Ann has the experience with her staff and students, too. Although she is a very passionate about being in the “cool image” of students, like many people, she will make sure to educate others.

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She shares her interest in her academic ability, her love of undergraduate education and her passion for working at an educational institution so that others in the department don’t have to struggle. Ann K. has the confidence to share her research with students, faculty and beyond.

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She will not hesitate to offer tips and suggestions if things go well. The first thing she told me is how much she cares about students, and that is a great start. Thank you for visiting Ann K.

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My name is Ann, and I am the author of two short books, American Life: 5 Ways to Achieve Academic Success and What to Look For in your Career. Last question: How much do you

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